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2005 Competition

Hi. My name is Butch Bragg and I own Bragg's Taxidermy in Middlebury, VT. I've been doing taxidermy work in the Vermont, Champlain Valley Area for over 15 years and have won many awards and ribbons for my taxidermy mounts at state and national taxidermy competitions.The picture at the left is a 2005 New England Association of Taxidermists' competition. Notice the 2 blue ribbons I won for this mount.

Click on this link to read the write up in the local paper about me… “Ernie (Butch) Bragg Preserves Outdoor Memories”. Here is a portion of that report:

One of the most respected aspects of outdoor lore is the ability and work of a dedicated taxidermist. Middlebury's Ernie "Butch" Bragg is that kind of professional. As he indicates in the mission statement of his business, "Bragg's Taxidermy started with a dream several years ago... A close friend taught me how to mount my own white tail deer in the early 90's."

"I became a hobbyist in 1997 after attending the Rinehart Supply Company's two day work shop in Albany N.Y. and from then on, I've been hooked on Taxidermy," Ernie recalls.

I'd welcome a chance to talk with you about your trophy. Email me here or call me and let's talk.

2006 competition

Bragg's Taxidermy

10 Harrow Way

Middlebury, VT 05753