Whitetail Deer 2008 Season

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Multiple mounts

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Lobster Claw Buck and other museum mounted by Butch Bragg
for the Wildlife Museum in Johnstown, NY


Harold Gosselin 
Whitetail  155 lbs  8 pts Vermont


Michael Hansen 
Whitetail  134lbs  8 pts  Vermont

Robert Morrill 
Youth Deer Whitetail 191lbs 5 pts Vermont


Dustin Dattilio Youth Deer
Whitetail 170 lbs  8pts Vermont


Darryl Potter 
Whitetail  249 lbs  10 pts  Indiana


Christen Chadwick
Whitetail  165 lbs  7.5 pts  Vermont

Craig Campbell 
Whitetail  173 lbs  8 pts  Vermont


Will Nichols 
Whitetail   192 lbs  13 pts   New Hampshire